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SyQwest AquaScan Precision Side Scan Sonar
SyQwest AquaScan Precision Side Scan Sonar
  • Manufactured by: SyQwest


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The AquaScan is a portable high-resolution, precision side scan sonar. It is designed exclusively for shallow water seafloor surveys up to 250 meters of slant range.

Centimeter Resolution
GPS Input, NMEA Compatible
Data Storage & Playback
Zoom Modes
Event Marks
8 Bit XTF Data Recording Format
Compatible to all Industry Standard Side Scan Post-processing software packages

Ease of use, portability, and cost efficiency make this device a perfect choice for side scan marine survey applications. The sensor unit is extremely compact, interfaces directly to a standard laptop PC and comes complete with sensor unit and Windows PC based Software.

Standard Configuration:
AquaScan Sensor Unit
DC Power Cable
Data I/O Cable
Interface Software / CD
Operator Manual
Sidescan Towfis

SyQwest AquaScan Brochure
SyQwest AquaScan Manual