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SyQwest HydroBox Hydrographic Echo Sounder
SyQwest HydroBox Hydrographic Echo Sounder
  • Manufactured by: SyQwest


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The HydroBox is a portable high resolution, shallow water echo sounder. Designed for inshore and coastal hydrographic marine surveys up to 750 meters of water depth.

Centimeter Resolution
Geographic Position Input, NMEA Compatible
Hypack & HydroPro Compatible
Data Storage and Playback
Zoom Modes
Event Marks
Dual Frequency Optional
Portable or Bulkhead Installation
10-30 VDC Input Power
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/ XP® Interface

Extreme ease of use, portability, and cost efficiency make this device the perfect choice for shallow water hydrography. The sensor is extremely compact, interfaces directly to a standard laptop PC (interface software supplied) and is available with a light-weight and efficient acoustic transducer.

Standard Configuration:
HydroBox Sensor Unit
DC Power Cable
Data I/O Cable
Interface Software / CD
Operator Manual

Optional Accessories:
Single Channel Transducers
200Khz; 50Khz; 33Khz
Over the Side Transducer Mount
Dual Channel Transducers
TDU Thermal Printers
Thermal Media
12 Channel DGPS
SyQwest HydroBox Brochure
SyQwest HydroBox Manual