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SyQwest Bathy-2010PC CHIRP Profiler
SyQwest Bathy-2010PC CHIRP Profiler
  • Manufactured by: SyQwest


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The Bathy-2010 PC is a portable high resolution, precision Chirp Profiler. It is designed for bathymetric and sub bottom marine surveys up to 5,000 meters of water depth. Standard single 3.5Khz frequency, also available as a dual frequency model.

Centimeter Resolution
GPS Input, NMEA Compatible
Hypack & SonarWiz Compatible
Data Storage & Playback
Zoom Modes
Event Marks
Single or Dual Frequency
Sound Velocity
Draft Offset
Dual Channel FM CHIRP operation capable

Shown installed in standard, portable, case. Ease of use, and cost efficiency make this device a perfect choice for bathymetric survey and marine geophysical applications. This unit is compact, interfaces directly to a standard laptop or PC, and comes complete with transceiver unit and Windows PC Software.

The Bathy 2010 series of products provides high performance bathymetric and sub-bottom survey capability from shallow inland waterways to full ocean depth. The system configuration is extremely flexible and can be easily modified to accommodate the specific needs of individual customers.

The Bathy 2010 a Windows 7 compatible Chirp Sub-Bottom Profiler capable of fully automatic as well as manual operation. The BATHY 2010 is designed for ease of operation and provides a hardcopy interface via a parallel port to gray-shade thermal recorders. The system is capable of real time display of sounding information as well as simultaneous depth digitizing, hardcopy and digital storage. An Ethernet interface (CAT5 /100 Megabit) is available to store or back-up stored SEG-Y Processed or raw data to the vessels network or it can store the data to the user PC's internal hard drive. It provides a completely integrated electronic environment with all other survey electronic equipment, and is packaged within a ruggedized 19-inch rack mount enclosure.

The Bathy 2010 system is configured as a flexible acoustic measurement sensor device capable of both shallow/deep water hydrographic and sub-bottom profiling applications. Each of these applications depend on certain characteristics in order to perform accurately and reliably. For hydrographic applications, the BATHY-2010 is capable of providing sophisticated algorithms for peak signal detection, automatic modes of: receiver gain, bottom tracking, pulse length and power level controls greatly reduce the probability of inaccurate bottom detection/tracking. For sub-bottom profiling applications the BATHY-2010 is capable of providing high energy/wide bandwidth transmit waveforms and an advanced bottom triggered TVG processing algorithm to facilitate both maximum bottom penetration along with high resolution layer definition.
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